Friday, March 23, 2012

Trend Schmend! Be You.

Trend Schmend! Be You.

Trend Schmend! Be You. by joanniel featuring peeptoe shoes

Okay, so the new Spring Fashion colors are in and I have to say that I like them a lot. BUT, I don't follow fashion trends. Never have and probably never will. I understand the idea of having set colors to work with. However, at the same time, I find it kind of pretentious to think of a panel of people deciding what colors the rest of us are going to wear. So, yes, I wear coral lipstick in Winter, I have had the same navy sweater vest for over 10 years, and I wear what I want without asking myself, "Is this trendy?" I buy clothes because I like the way it looks and because it makes me feel good. Whether it's 'in' right now isn't really a concern. I create my own look.

Who says you can't wear emerald green shoes with a purple dress? Certainly not me. Whatever YOU like, just go for it. Create yourself and don't worry what everyone else thinks. Choose a style that makes YOU happy.


  1. absolutely! i use trends only in the sense that I buy one item that I absolutely love and can wear for years to come. that's called style! :)