Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Color your Face

Orglamix Mineral Makeup.
*Colors in photo above are Champagne Toast and Chocolate Chip on eyes and Goji on lips, topped with gloss.

I recently discovered mineral makeup and fell in love with it. It's wonderful for the skin, feels great to wear, and if you forget to take it off before bed you don't get loads of pimples. It's divine!

Orglamix is my favorite mineral makeup line. I'm slowly growing quite a collection and loving it. Orglamix has a huge selection of eye colors, a foundation for every skin tone, makeup brushes, facial glows and bronzers, blush, and more. Though I have only tried the eye shadow and facial glow, I would definitely buy everything else in this line. It is in my opinion better than high end makeup and much more reasonably priced. Every one can afford Orglamix. There's no reason not to buy it!