Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I've put together a great collection of handmade creations most moms would be thrilled to receive.

My first pick is this gorgeous 'I Love You to the Moon and Back' charm bracelet with a hand stamped sterling silver disc from Frostings. This bracelet also features an elegant crescent moon and freshwater pearl. Simply beautiful! Any mom would look stunning with this on her wrist.

I must admit that I love the idea of having my son's name stamped on a piece of jewellery that I can carry with me wherever I go. I think this would be the perfect Mother's Day gift for moms everywhere.

My second pick is a pair of apple green jade earrings by the talented creator at Splurge. These square jade stones are so delicious. I could absolutely see myself wearing these all year long. I love silver and the shape of these earrings just adds such class and elegance that it would compliment any outfit. Dress it up or dress it down, either way they will definitely get you noticed.

This next pick is a beautiful flower that will last forever. Botanical Theatre is a wonderful shop that is filled with a variety of truly unique treasures. One of these treasures is this hand painted red flower that was painted with artists quality Winsor & Newton ink on Khadi paper. This one is a piece of art that will be admired by any mom who receives it.

Last but not least, choose between various hand embroidered lavender sachets from bstudio. You will be proud to give one of these away. They can be hung up anywhere or placed into a drawer, but I would definitely not want to hide one of these gorgeous creations away. If I had one it would be hanging in plain sight so that everyone could admire it's beauty.

This particular sachet features bstudio's signature silk ribbon butterfly.

bstudio has a new book/kit on how to embroider your very own silk ribbon creations. You can visit bstudio's blog and read all about it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Finds

In honor of the Oh Canada Team on Etsy I have put together a little featurette of beautiful treasures. Firstly, I just had to start with this stunnig photograph by the very talented Ellen at The Eye on Etsy. This is truly nature at its best. She really does have an 'eye' for taking breathtaking photos.

Go green in this very unique and stylish upcycled brimmed beanie by Chriss at The Art of Zen...Crochet. Chriss describes her work as "Earth and People friendly fiber art". I couldn't have put it better myself. You're going to love her shop. You'll find carefully crafted crochet items that are Earth conscious. What more can you ask for?

Get your handmade paper here! This handmade greeting card is made from willow fibres and recycled paper with pressed flowers and ferns. Such a beautiful arrangement created by Liz-Anna's Lakeside Studio. She even makes paper from Moose poo. Bet that got your attention! Don't worry. The moose poo is thoroughly processed to remove impurities, leaving only the cellulose fibres of the plants behind. Visit her shop and check out her beautiful paper. You'll be glad you did.