Thursday, March 4, 2010

Showcase or No Showcase?

This is one of the items that sold as a result of my showcase. I am very happy to have sold these beauties and I already have another showcase lined up.

I'm sure most of you etsyans at some point have wondered about the value of buying a showcase. Here's some information that may help you make an informed decision about it.

In my experience sales as a result of showcases are hit or miss. I have never purchased a main showcase. Why? Well, I've never been able to get one. It's always sold out. That in itself is pretty annoying. In all honesty, before I ever bought a showcase I never even noticed the main showcase bar at the top of the etsy site. I assume most people don't know it's there either. For that reason, I wouldn't bother buying one.

My first showcase was for a pendant. I was new to etsy and lucked out on a slot. The fact that they were always sold out was alluring and I just had to try it. Unfortunately, it was in a subcategory of the jewellery section. The pendant subcategry to be exact. At the time I was so excited. I didn't realize I was throwing my money away. I got less than a hundred hearts and one inquiry about my pendant. I replied and never heard from the lady again. A total waste of my time. I wouldn't recommend it now that I know more about showcases. The main category showcases are where the traffic is.

This week I had two showcases that resulted in some hearts and six sales. Out of the five showcases I have purchased since I started selling jewellery, this is the first time I have had sales out of it. This is what I mean by hit or miss. It's a good way to get some attention to your shop, but it doesn't necessarily equal sales.

How do you get a showcase? Except for the main showcase, the etsy storque showcase, and two others all other showcase slots open at 12:00 am eastern time. And I mean 12:00 am on the dot. By 12:05 am there are usually none left.

If you buy a showcase on a thursday then your showcase will be for a thursday. Check the date and keep note of it. If you click on showcase at the bottom left of the 'your etsy' page you will see the showcase you have purchased. You can line up your showcase items there. Just copy the listing number of the items you select from your shop and paste it into the bar and click 'add'.

You can feature as many items in a showcase as you want. That means that if you buy one showcase but want to promote four different items, all you have to do is rotate items every six hours. You go into your showcase. When you want to change the item that is being featured you pick the new item and click on 'move to the top'. After a few minutes your new item will be in the showcase.

I would definitely recommend buying a showcase at least once or twice to see for yourself. My advice is if you do get one, make sure your pictures look fantastic. If not, work on your photos before you invest $7 in a showcase.

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