Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Child Crafter Extraordinaire!

I came upon a little shop on etsy a few weeks ago. Annabelle's Art. It is full of wonderful items. So carefully crafted and with such great color combinations. These creations are put together by a very unique little girl who clearly has a gift for art. The incredible part is that she, Annabelle is only 10 years old. To be able to create such lovely items at this tender age is remarkable.

In the photo above is a set of beautiful stitch markers made by Annabelle. You can buy these and many other sets of stitch markers at Annabelleart.etsy.com.

At Annabelle's shop you will also find handmade cards. I have purchased two of these cards and I can say for sure that they are just beautiful, so don't be shy and check out this great shop today! You won't be disappointed.

You might want to hurry. Items are going pretty fast. She has developed quite a customer base, and in a very short time. She has had many sales since I discovered her creations a few weeks back. So you don't want to miss out on a great gift for that special someone! And you might even find a little something for yourself, too.

It seems Annabelle also likes to make jewellery. As a jewellery maker myself I can see that I'm going to be having some great competition here.


  1. I am absolutely in awe of your review dear Joannie..... thank you so much for featuring Anna's work! I can't wait to show it to her. You couldn't have chosen a better moment to publish, because today is Anna's birthday! What a wonderful gift for her. THANK YOU! - Ninon, Anna's mom

  2. Joannie, Wonderful post about a wonderful girl ☺ Anna's stitch markers are fabulous ♥

  3. So impressive! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Lovely post Joannie! My stitch markers from Annabelle arrived last week and they're beautiful---such talent :)