Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Selling on Etsy

I thought it would be very difficult to get sales on etsy when I started listing jewellery 2 and a half months ago. It turns out that etsy is actually very beginner friendly. As someone who doesn't have an existent customer base, I thought it would be difficult to get people to buy from a new seller. What I didn't realize is that etsy has an existent customer base. As soon as you start selling on etsy you are being seen by tons of potential buyers, and that is wonderful. I have 27 sales so far and that's way more than I thought I'd have by now.

I have recently joined the Oh Canada Team on etsy and have been overwhelmed with how friendly and helpful everyone is towards one another. I am proud to be among such wonderful talented artists. Just search for ohcanadateam on etsy and you will discover lots of beautiful creations from our top notch team members.

If you are considering selling your handmade art online, etsy is the place for you. Shoppers on etsy aren't afraid to spend money because they want to buy top quality handmade creations and that's good news for anyone who sells on etsy. And etsyans take there shops very seriously and work very hard to make sure their customers are happy with their purchase. I ordered beads from Hong Kong a while ago from an etsy supplier. When that order never came, the seller reshipped my $40 order at no cost to me. Now that's great customer service.

I am no longer intimidated by the huge number of sellers on etsy. Everyone sells different items that are targeted at different people. I sell jewellery and there are tons of jewellery shops on etsy. I used to think I had to compete with them all, but the fact is that each jewellery shop has vastly different items for sale and so my target audience is not necessarily the same as theirs.

If I could give someone who wants to sell on etsy any advice it would be to stay yourself and stand out from the crowd. It's great to take advice from others and try to mirror certain aspects of other sellers to improve your visibility and sales. Just don't lose your identity along the way. There's a reason you started doing what you're doing. There's something about you that makes you unique. Remember that. Keep that passion and that joy for your art and work hard. For every person that has something to offer, there's someone out there who wants it.

I have decided to shamelessly plug my shop by posting two photos of items I currently have for sale. Should you happen to click on them you may be redirected to my etsy shop. I cannot be held responsible for what happens next. lol.

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